by Christian Lincoln

After months of grueling campaigning, both of the countries’ candidates are preparing for the presidential debates. With the unemployment rate at 8%, and the economy still in shambles, this year’s presidential election is more important than ever. President Obama will be running for a second term as the Democratic Party’s nominee, and the Republicans have chosen Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

On October 3rd at the University of Denver, both presidential candidates engaged in a 90 minute debate on domestic affairs. The debate was split into six 15 minute sections, directed by moderator Jim Lehrer, host of PBS’s News Hour. Topics included the state of the economy, healthcare reform, and the role of government. The moderator, or the conductor of the debate, started off each section with a question. Each participant had 2 minutes to answer the question, and the rest of the section was allotted for discussion.

With President Obama only ahead in the polls by 2%, the election is still up in the air, and Romney was not going to let this opportunity go to waist. reports Romney has staged five practice debates in his home, while team Obama says, “The president has not debated in four years, and Romney has had plenty of practice at the Republican primaries.”

Even though most Kennedy students can not vote, enthusiasm for upcoming presidential debate is not hard to find on campus. Senior Maxson

Frechette disclosed, “I really want to know both of the candidate’s opinions on funding education. I’m worried it’s going to cost a fortune to go to college.”

In common fashion, both candidates seemed to be completely oblivious to the 2 minute time limit on their responses. Obama and Romney fought back and forth, but it seems like a clear winner was declared. CBS took a poll of 400 undecided voters after the debate, and 46% said Romney won the debate, compared to only 22% for Obama.

Romney may have won this debate, but this isn’t the last of Obama vs. Romney. The two will debate again on October 16th and 22nd with a vice presidential debate on October 11th.

Election Day is only weeks away, and the polls are still neck and neck. It’s either competitors race to lose.